May Lindstrom Honey Mud // SJO Skin Happy Honey Mask - A Comparison

Hey Honeys! I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! This week is pretty hectic for me so it was a blessing I was able to get some time to myself and work on this blog post for you, but it’s here. 


So it’s not news that I am enamored with the May Lindstrom Honey Mud Mask. For those of you who don’t know, May Lindstrom uses top notch natural ingredients to create skincare products that are revolutionary, and in my own words, ~off the chain~. A while ago I received 3 products from her including that mask, the Problem Solver which was too harsh on my skin (I actually gave it to a friend who struggles with oil and acne more and she’s obsessed with it!) and the Pendulum Potion, which is an oil cleanser that I use occasionally in an attempt to save it for as long as possible. Out of these three products the Honey Mud Mask (which can also be used as a cleanser) was a clear winner for me, but at $90 a pop I knew it was an indulgent product.

Not too long after falling for Honey Mud, was SJO Skin’s Happy Honey Mask released, and I saw nothing but rave reviews on it. This mask comes with a silicone brush (always a plus even if I did manage to break mine 3 seconds after opening it..), and 2oz of a mask. 2oz is not a lot of product by any means, but with a shorter shelf life because of the ingredients it would be foolish to sell more than that at a time. May Lindstrom’s mask comes in 3.38oz which is almost double the product. 

After trying both of them out I have so many thoughts so I wanted to compare them for you. 

Price per Oz

The Honey Mud - $26.63/oz

Happy Honey – $27.21/oz

 This was fairly surprising to me because I totally thought May Lindstrom would be more expensive per ounce. Because I’m not made of money, comparing price per ounce for me is a big thing. Yes you pay more for The Honey Mud, but you also get more! Although it’s not a huge difference. 


Both of these masks have fairly short ingredient lists which is awesome (less room for crap) and The Honey Mud is longer mostly due to the essential oils that are in it. They also share 2 of the same ingredients: Kaolin Clay and Raw Honey*. One thing I did find interesting is these are the first two ingredients in The Honey Mud, and the first and third ingredient in Happy Honey.

The Honey Mud also contains macadamia seed oil, witch hazel, silver (great for killing bacteria!), and a few other oils and essential oils. In my opinion this is a really impressive ingredients list because these all doso much for your skin. There’s a lot of power packed into this jar!

The Happy Honey Mask also contains coix seed (fights acne, brightens, and moisturizes), glycerin, propanediol (hydrating ingredient and help skin absorb ingredients), and calamine (antibacterial, and can be calming for your skin, although Paula’s Choice sites it as a poor ingredient because it can be sensitizing when used too often).

Neither of these products contain fragrance which is a huge plus!


Both of these masks are thick, as if you literally mixed honey with mud which makes them feel so luxurious when you’re applying them. Neither mask dries down really, and in the summer I definitely had The Honey Mud dripping off my face in a few areas. Like I said, just like honey. The main difference is The Happy Honey Mask has grains that act as a psychical exfoliant when you’re washing the mask off. I really enjoyed this aspect of it because I felt like it was a 2-in-1 product. The Honey Mud is smooth and has no grains or physical exfoliants in it, making it a very gentle mask to rinse off. 

My Thoughts and Results

Between the two, I am partial to May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud for a few reasons. One being how gentle the mask is, and the other being the results! Whenever I take this mask off my skin is clean, firm, and glowing. Although I do enjoy the Happy Honey Mask it just doesn’t compare to the way my skin feels when I use Honey Mud. Both of these masks are wonderful and have amazing ingredients in them, and it helps that they’re both work-horse masks/cleansers. As I’m writing this I’m a little saddened that I don’t have more of a definitive answer for you in terms of which I recommend. But what I can tell you is that personally, because of the amazing results I see, I will continue to indulge in May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud. It has come to be a staple in my routine, it was one of my Top 5 Products of 2018, and because of the oils it contains I get a bit of an aromatherapy experience as well. Altogether it’s a luxurious product when your skin is in need of a pick me up, or when you’re looking for an at home spa night so I will continue to stick with it! 

I would recommend the Happy Honey Mask for anyone with normal to oily skin, and to anyone who isn’t even minorly sensitive. Whereas The Honey Mud is a bit more versatile but would work really well for more sensitive and/or dry skin. 


Which honey products would you like to see me try next?




*Please note that The Honey Mud contains raw honey with bee polin and propolis while Happy Honey only notes raw honey in their ingredients list.