My Experience Getting A Lash Lift

Hey beauty babes! It’s Sunday, I’m about to go on a hike, and I realized the only thing that could make today better is finally getting this article out to you all. So without further adieu I want to talk to you all about my experience getting a lash lift and lash tint.

Initially after my lash lift I went home and started writing about my experience but I never published anything. That’s because I realized it was just the beginning and I had to really feel out what was going on with my lashes at the time, and I wanted to share what happened in the weeks following the procedure. So let’s dive in!

What is a Lash Lift?  

I think of a lash lift as a perm for your lashes. Mostly because the solution they use smells exactly like perm solution. Here is a quick breakdown of the process:

-       Spot test the glue behind your ear. If your skin doesn’t turn red, you’re good to go

-       Lay down and close your eyes for the next 45 minutes, make sure you pee beforehand..

The process itself is very relaxing and there’s nothing painful about what your lash technician is doing so you are just kind of zen for a while.

First she put on the perming solution and left it for about 10 minutes. After wiping that off she applied a keratin solution to add moisture and protein back into my lashes which lasted about 15 minutes. After these two steps it was time for her to tint my lashes, which took a bit longer. Overall I was laying down for about 40-45 minutes which honestly isn’t too long and like I said it was very relaxing.

The results

So it was finally done, and I stood up to find that I didn’t look the way that I had thought. But now we need to remember that these women aren’t miracle workers and they can’t make your lashes thicker in addition to tinting them and curling them, so really I needed to sit down.

My lashes without mascara, after the lift and tint.

My lashes without mascara, after the lift and tint.


My lashes honestly looked fantastic! I’m such a mascara snob and I pile that stuff on so if I am being honest it was no comparison to what I normally look like.. and that took some getting used to. After a few days the au natural look and I came to terms and I started to embrace it! All in all I made the decision to continue to wear mascara, because that’s how I felt most confident. My lashes looked ah-mazing with mascara on too, and with enough coats I was ready to fly south for the winter and that was a wild feeling.

My lifted lashes with mascara on.

My lifted lashes with mascara on.


Something like this is said to last 8-12 weeks, but for me the curl began to fall (noticeably) after about 4. This could’ve been because I was wearing mascara and washing it off nightly, or it could just be how these things work. The curl isn’t completely gone, but my lashes do look lighter and they’ve fallen a bit. As someone who has been around this kind of thing long enough, I understand that “8-12 weeks” means you’ll probably be ready for another one far before that. This is an important point for me to make because I don’t think people who aren’t as inundated in the beauty world would go in knowing that might be the case. Think of it like highlighting your hair. They say 4-8 weeks between appointments, but depending on your hair some women start counting down the days to their next appointment just 2 weeks in. Now even though I knew that would probably be the case, I was definitely still disappointed when I first noticed the curl falling, but hey it’s all part of the process!

At 5 weeks my lashes are in-between their fully curled and tinted state, and their natural state. The tint and curl are still there, but not like they were the last few weeks. I’ve gotten really used to them being tinted and I love the way I look with a darker lash naturally, however I probably won’t go back for another lift/tint. But you’ve got to hear me out on this one!

Would I get another Lash lift?

You know, I’ve thought about this a lot over the last few weeks and finally came to an answer - no, at least not anytime soon. As much as I enjoyed my appearance after getting used to what I looked like (remember my lashes are naturally blonde so having darker lashes was odd at first), I know what kind of look I go for and that look is big, bold, strong, and dark lashes. Natural is just not my forté! And frankly, I found it super difficult to apply mascara to my lashes once they were curled because it just got all over my lids. In a sense I saw this as quite a luxury that I didn’t need.

Now just because this lash look isn’t for me, doesn’t mean it’s not for you! If you’re someone who likes a natural lash, doesn’t like mascara or makeup, or is looking for something just a little extra I would say this is definitely for you. My lashes were incredibly curled and looked like a slightly enhanced version of their natural state so I think there are a lot of people out there who would love doing this and benefit from it. I really enjoyed the relaxing procedure and the enhanced natural look of my lashes, but at the end of the day I’m a bold person at heart and that extends all the way out to my eyelashes!

What do you think? is a lash lift something you would try?



A special thank you to Anna at Annabella Lashes for doing such an amazing job. If you guys are in the Southeastern CT area and looking for a lash lift, lash tint, or extensions she is fabulous!