Air Dry Foam / A Review

Hey babes!

Happy Monday! I wanted to finish this beautiful day with a review of the first product I am testing out this summer for you, the Ouai Air Dry Foam which I have been using for about two months now. 

About Ouai and the Air Dry Foam

Ouai is a haircare line that was developed by Jen Atkin, a celebrity hairstylist turned somewhat celebrity herself after being endlessly featured in Kim Kardashian's behind the scenes life. She created Ouai as a line that's realistic for women everywhere to use; she calls it her "breath of fresh air" line because they're luxury products made simple and affordable. 


The Air Dry Foam is a newer product to her line, and is described as a "better air-dry than previously possible" which I have to say I can definitely agree with! The key ingredients are Kale Protein, Carrot Protein, and Panthenol. 

Kale protein is nourishing and conditioning, carrot protein is added to help fight breakage, and panthenol is a moisturizing element, but also creates a smooth slip on the hair. This discourages knots from forming which is great for curls, and it also allows hair to reflect light, giving the appearance that it's shiny. 

The Packaging, and Product

One qualm I have with this product is the packaging, it doesn't dispense easily and I find myself needing more than one finger on the pump to easily make it work. 

The product dispenses out quite a bit, which means my 5 pumps resembles a mountain in my hand.. It's a very airy foam though, similar to the texture of the liquid-to-foam soaps so I don't feel like I am over using it. I typically smear it all over both of my hands to avoid the product being concentrated in one place. 

The bottle is a mere 4 ounces, and when I purchased it I was annoyed because it felt like one of those products you go through too quickly. Now being a few months into owning it (and using is consistently) I have to say it doesn't really feel like I've even made a dent in the bottle! This is a HUGE plus for me seeing as a go through product like it's nothing most of the time. 

Does anyone else feel like the recommended amount of hair product is just NOT enough to get the job done?  

My Thoughts on the Ouai Air Dry Foam

The first time I used this foam I wasn't crazy about it. I felt like my hair had dried the same way it normally would and I was worried I had just wasted $28. I went back to my beginning days in hair care and remembered that often times I needed more than the recommended amount for my long, coarse hair so I gave the product a second shot. This time I was amazed at what it had done to my hair. I was so impressed with the way it made my hair look and feel! My curls were loose and beachy like I had always dreamt of them being. My hair wasn't stiff at all, in fact I enjoyed running my fingers through my hair without having a sticky residue build up throughout the day. 

My hair after using the Ouai Air Dry Foam

My hair after using the Ouai Air Dry Foam

This is my hair on Air Dry Foam. I use my go-to styling products with it including the Pureology Root Lift for volume only at my roots, It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product as a leave-in conditioner, and Kerastase Nectar Thermique for added hydration and heat protection. I will say the only product of those three that makes a difference with the Air Dry Foam is the Pureology Root Lift. I don't like the way my hair looks as much when there's no root lift in it, but that's a personal preference and my addiction to Pureology. 

Ouai also makes a Curl Jelly which is a gel-oil hybrid used to enhance curls. I have yet to try it, but the general difference is the Curl Jelly will enhance and define your curls (make them curlier) and the Air Dry Foam will define what you have. This means that if you have waves and you want curls you should reach for the Curl Jelly, but if you have waves and you want a better version of your wave, you reach for the Air Dry Foam. Does that make sense? 

Living with curls in this humid Connecticut weather, you never know what you're going to get when you wake up. Any curly girls out there will definitely know what I am talking about! So one of the things that really impressed me with this foam is how well it holds a curl. Somedays you just wake up and you're not feeling your hair so you take some heat to it, and with some products it just does NOT work. You end up with greasy, flat curls that fall quickly. This foam is just the opposite! It holds curl like a dream while still giving your hair a sleek appearance. 

Overall I am insanely impressed with this product and will definitely be repurchasing. The one downfall is I am never as excited about my second day hair, the curls seem to fall flat and get a little icky after sleeping on them. That is a problem I am working to fix though because that is definitely NOT a reason to give up on this beauty. 

So who is this Air Dry Foam good for? 

What do you think? Could this be the product for you? It's definitely a fantastic product for people with so many hair types!

I have long, coarse hair and I need about 5 pumps of this stuff to be happy. I know several people who would benefit from this product and only need one or two pumps, so it depends on your hair and how much of it you have. 

If there is an ounce of texture in your hair, I think you would benefit from it. People with stick straight hair won't get anything out of it because there's nothing to enhance. However anyone who has the slightest wave could definitely get something out of this foam if they're open to it. 




Hali Ballantyne