All About Lashes

You know the whole idea that you should blow a loose eyelash off your finger and make a wish? Well.. Have you ever wished for that eyelash back? I hope not because you really don't need to.. Your lashes grow in stages and unfortunately one of those stages is shedding!



We all understand the importance of taking care of ourselves, but it's hard to take care of each and every part of your body and for a lot of people the eye area falls short, and lashes fall even shorter. Does anyone remember being in high school in the 2000s? Everyone who was anyone had pencil thin brows that they were obsessed with plucking. I even remember some girls getting in trouble for tweezing in class.. it was a rough time in our beauty history.. So fast forward 10 years and now everyone wants thick boy brows but so many people can't grow them naturally because they over-plucked and damaged the follicle! Well the same kind of thing goes for lashes. Of course we're not all over here plucking out our lashes, but when we neglect to take care of them we get the same kind of result as we age. 


Insert two of my newest and most favorite products: Lash Food Eyelash Enhancer and Caudalie Makeup Removing Oil Cleanser*. These two products have drastically helped me change the way I treat my lashes. As someone with sensitive skin and therefore an incredibly sensitive eye area, these two products have really helped me to be aware of what I am doing and using, but they've also been a constant reminder to take care of my eyes and lashes.




So I mentioned your lashes have 3 stages. Well here they are:

Stage 1: The growth stage

Stage 2: The resting stage

Stage 3: The shedding stage

Once lashes shed, a new lash grows in it's place. But of course, as we age the growth stage gets shorter and the resting and shedding stages take up more time. This, just like the rest of the hair on your body, is partially why your hair thins out with age. That is why it's important to treat your lashes with just as much love as you treat your skin! 

In watching countless makeup and skincare tutorials, I always see girls being tough around their eye area which always makes me cringe. I think to myself you wouldn't be that tough on your cheeks or forehead.. so why do that to your eyes? So I made you guys a video to show you a gentle way to remove your mascara! Of course everyone is different and everyone treats their bodies in different ways so feel free to customize this to your liking. One tip is if you're using a cream cleanser let it sit on your eyes for a minute to loosen up the mascara before taking it off! Works like a charm. 


I'll leave you with this video and a few things to remember:

  1. NEVER sleep with your makeup on- if you habitually wear makeup to bed, leave makeup wipes in your nightstand!
  2. Don't rub your eyes too hard when you remove makeup. The makeup will come off it just takes a little patience. 
  3. Your lashes are responsible for more than making you look awake.. Don't take them for granted. 


*The Caudalie Oil Cleanser says it's 3.38oz but they recently changed the packaging and you now get 5oz ~hollaaa~ TYSM Caudalie!

Hali Ballantyne