2018 // Top 5 Beauty Products

Happy almost new year everyone! I can’t believe how fast 2018 went.. Does anyone else feel the same way? One minute it was 90º out and I couldn’t stop drinking rosé, and the next were welcoming January with champagne. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess.. right? Well it did for me this year, especially when it came to posting for all of you!

TBH blogging can be difficult when you feel like you’re out there alone and only your few close friends are reading your posts, but then you get that one person who reaches out and asks a question and you’re like “YES! SOMEONE CARES!” even if it’s someone you know, but don’t talk to a whole lot anymore (Hi Jean!).

This holiday season was so busy that I fell to pieces trying to keep up with Instagram and blogging, so I just kind of stopped to enjoy life. It was a wonderful time, but now I am here to present you with my top 5 favorite products I used (and probably discovered) in 2018.

Without further ado.. (yeah I thought it was adieu too but I googled it, ok?)

May Lindstrom Skin Honey Mud Mask


This was easily my favorite mask of 2018, although I love masks and there were quite a few. I don’t know if it’s the luxurious price tag that makes me feel like I’m applying golden mud to my face, or just the fact that it does so much for my skin, but the Honey Mud Mask is definitely one of my must-haves for 2018.

Check out the Honey Mud Mask here

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum


I’ve been using this radiance serum since April and I can say I’ve steadily used it everyday (or just about). It’s a such an amazing serum that helps with brightening, dark spots, evening your complexion, and more. Although I plan on trying at least one other in 2019 I am confident this will stay a staple for me for a while.

See details on the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

Ouai Air Dry Foam


You all know I adore this product. It’s worked such wonders on my hair and I’ve had so many of you reach out to me and say it’s done amazing things for your hair as well. I’m on my second or third bottle and I don’t plan to stop purchasing Ouai’s Air Dry Foam!

Check out all the hype on the Air Dry Foam

Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade in Sol


So unfortunately I raved about this product so much it sold out.. (haha kidding! Kind of..) But I will say that this shadow was hands down my favorite makeup product of 2018. It is such a beautiful shade of orange, red, yellow, and gold that I could not get enough of it this summer and I have full intentions of coming up with a makeup look that will bring it into winter. I also fully intend to try out other Chantecaille shadows in 2019.

Trying to pick a final product was really difficult, so it’s a tie between 2 products that both have my heart..

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser


This kind of seems like an obvious choice, and I might be a little late to the game but I cannot get enough of this cleanser. So much so that I gave it as a present this Christmas! The Soy Face Cleasner does such a good job of cleansing my skin without being harsh. I use this at night and the Caudalie Gentle Cleanser during the day and it’s a winter-skin match made in heaven!

Check out the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

And last, but certainly not least..

Krave Beauty The Beet Shield


This is a fairly new product to me, but I feel confident expressing my love for it this early on. For the past 3 years I have been using the same sun protectant product from Elizabeth Arden, and although that product is still an all time fave I can say that the Beet Shield from Krave Beauty is amazing. The texture is what I’ve always dreamed of and hey if it protects your skin from the sun, I’m all for it!

Peep my fave sunscreen here

P.S. It doesn’t have an SPF rating because of US laws around the ingredients, but it’s SPF 47 PA ++++ in other countries and the formula didn’t change to come here.

Well, happy new year kiddos! I hope 2018 goes out with a bang and 2019 brings you all of the happiness and health that you can imagine. Thank you all for sticking out this year with me and continuing this journey with me. I love you all!