Scents I’m Wearing This Winter

Hey babes! You know winter is right around the corner (or if you’re in the Northeast it’s basically already arrived) so I wanted to share my top fragrances for this beautiful and frigid season. 


A.N. Other Fragrance - WD/18


I purchased WD/18 back in the spring after seeing Sofieuh post about the brand. They have a card you can purchase for $5 to smell all the scents and make your decision rather than spending $20+ on a sample pack (although they recently did come out with a sample pack but it’s only $10!) I really loved this idea because, although I wasn't able to try them, I was able to smell them and see if it was something I was even interested in! There’s nothing worse than getting a sample pack of fragrance samples and realizing you don’t like a single one of them.. 

A.N. Other lives by the idea that “When you buy a high-end luxury fragrance, you’re paying for everything but the fragrance. We fixed that.” This idea was something I was immediately drawn to for what seems like an obvious reason, but if it’s not I’ll explain below.

I have beef with companies that call themselves or are branded as luxury, but deliver absolute junk. If I am paying good money for something it better work well and last. Now what exactly is good money? Well that is up for debate because everyones wallet looks different, but when a beauty company is a luxury company you better believe it’s good money for just about everyone, and if it’s crap then good riddance. I find it to be a huge betrayal to customers, clients and consumers who put their trust into the experts. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk and now back to your original programming. 

This scent from A.N. Other is described as “Woody” with top notes of Pear Sparkle, Cardamom Spice, and Violet leaves. The heart of the scent contains Rich Orris, Cypress and Amyris. The base is Sandalwood, Blonde Cedar, and Vetiver Madagascar.

To break that down for you, the sandalwood is strong and beautiful, and it brings the scent down to earth. The pear is also fairly prevalent and is exactly that - a sparkling pear. To me it almost feels bubbly. 

This is a scent I stayed away from during the summer because there was something so warm and welcoming about it. It makes me feel like I’m fireside with some of my favorite people, drinking champagne with berries. 

Dedcool Fragrance 3 - Blonde


Dedcool is another amazing company started by Carina Chaz, a young fragrance connoisseur who wanted to create fragrances that were unique and green, and that’s exactly what she did. After purchasing both sample packs I realized I much preferred 2 scents from the first pack and really that was it. Her fragrances are incredibly unique to the point where I don’t know that one person would want to wear all of them, but that’s the beauty of Dedcool and Carina.  

Fragrance 3 is a bit more on the musty side and has top notes of Juniper Berries, Pomelo, Saffron, and heart notes of Accord Cuir, Black Violet, Crystal Rose. It finishes off with base notes of Blonde Woods, Raspberry, Vetiver. Are you seeing a trend in my taste yet? 

After wearing this for a while I really pick up on the woodsy notes, vetiver, and a bit of saffron. My favorite things about this scent is the uniqueness of it makes me feel pretty badass. I’m not sure if it’s Carina’s story and energy or the scent itself but I feel empowered and ready to show off what I can bring to the table. It’s definitely full of girl power and confidence. 

Ouai - Melrose Place


Melrose Place was just released mid November along with 3 others in the line. I chose Melrose place because it smells just like their scalp scrub which I adore. Have you ever picked up a bottle of shampoo or leave-in conditioner and thought “Man I wish I could always smell like this”? Well that is exactly what Atkin did! 

This fragrance is sweeter than the other two I’ve chosen for the winter, but as someone who cannot stand sweet scents, I wouldn’t immediately describe it as that. The top notes are Champagne, Pink Peppercorn, Berry, and Lychee. The heart is Peony, Rose, Freesia, Jasmine, and Bergamot. And the base notes are Amber, Sandalwood, White Musk, and Cedar-wood. So while it’s sweet and fresh to begin it’s rooted in a more woody scent which has obviously become my safe spot. 

At first this scent seems very “perfume-y” but it dried down well and becomes fairly light. Most of what I get out of this is champagne and berry with a touch of rose, so it’s definitely more of a fresh and sweet scent. If you’re anything like me and you can’t stand sweet fragrance (I immediately think of cupcake body sprays and vanilla scented candles.. 😷) this might be the semi-sweet fragrance for you! 

I also want to link the blog post from The Ouai that breaks down all of their scents so if you have a product you like from them, then you’ll know exactly which fragrance to purchase.


What are some of your go-to fragrances? Whether it’s Secret’s Vanilla scented Deodorant, or something from Dior I would love to know what gets you excited and smelling delicious!