First 5: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

We all know that ingredients are incredibly important. There are people out there who analyze an entire ingredients list before buying any products, which in my opinion has it’s benefits and it’s setbacks, however I don’t think an ingredients list should be ignored by anyone. This is what brought me to start First 5, a blog post where I break down (at least) the first 5 ingredients listed for any beauty product and learn what each ingredient does for your skin individually. Now I’m no chemist, but I hope my interest and experience can fill in some blanks for you.

A few weeks ago, a friend recommended the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask to me in an Instagram message. I had never heard of the line but I decided to give it a go because she was so ecstatic with the results after just one use. These days a lot of skincare lines promise amazing results quickly, but that’s not realistic for a lot of products if you think of the way that skincare and your skin works, but that discussion is for another day.


Back to Tata, when first purchasing this product I was a little discouraged by the size. 1oz for $58 just seemed a little out of my price range. I ended up with a sample size because Sephora had been offering them as a 100 point product and when I got 4 uses out of that little jar I decided it might last longer than anticipated. Something to keep in mind too is Tata’s products are all natural, vegan, and free of toxins, etc meaning the shelf life will be shorter than a lot of other products you might use so in this case a smaller amount isn’t the end of the world. 


My curiosity got to me after seeing the results I did and looking into the ingredients a bit more I found a lot of stuff I was really impressed with! Tata Harper claims that they’re the line that doesn’t make you compromise your skincare which I think is cool but wasn’t totally sure what that meant and after looking into their ingredients list a bit further I’ve realized that they use some really amazing ingredients to create their products. 

The first ingredient of the mask is aloe barbadensis leaf juice, aka aloe vera. It has antioxidants (vitamin C and E), a ton of different nutrients, acts as a protective layer on the skin, and anyone who has ever been sunburnt knows just how well it works to heal and protect. 

Second is willow bark extract which has salicylic acid hence the exfoliation. Then comes sclerotium gum which is hydrating and helps to give the mask it’s consistency. 

Then there is water an all around wonderful ingredient for your skin whether it’s topically or ingested, followed by lactobacillus ferment which is an antimicrobial and also a skin conditioner. 

The ingredients that follow do all sorts of different things, including helping the skin retain moisture and calm irritations. In my opinion there is a lot to be said about a product that’s exfoliating, moisturizing, calming, and actually delivers all of those results. My skin never feels too dry after taking off the mask, although it does feel a bit tight.  

This mask goes on well and dries, so you don’t leave it on too long. This is HUGE for me as well because if you’re anything like me you tend to forget they’re on, wonder if it’s been on long enough to do it’s job, or you just get distracted by your cat for a little too long. I did follow instructions and use it 3 days in a row and then 1-2 times per week and it does keep my skin glowing which is the end goal, right?