Vitamin C & The Éminence Organics Vitamin C Serum

Skincare and skincare ingredients overwhelmed me for a long time (and honestly still do sometimes). When I was first learning about skincare vitamin c came up a lot. It seemed to be this holy grail ingredient that everyone wanted in their skincare routine - except for me. Vitamin c in skincare has so many wonderful qualities, one of those being the reduction of age spots and hyper pigmentation - a deal breaker for me. Growing up with freckles, they became part of me. I was always the red head with freckles and bright blue eyes. However, turning 25 really hit me and I began seeing issues with my skin and body that I didn’t like as much. In regards to skin, my freckles began to fade and look less like freckles and more like an uneven complexion which I hated even more than the idea of fading them. 

Why did I even start using a Vitamin C Serum?

Taken 3 week in to using the Eminence Vitamin C Serum

Taken 3 week in to using the Eminence Vitamin C Serum

I'm not sure what it was about turning 25, but something really got to me. Loads of people joked that I was "only 25", this was "nothing", and I had "no idea what was to come", etc but at the end of the day I didn't like what was happening with me so I started to address the issues.

Now if you've got freckles and you don't want them going anywhere don't let this article alarm you! Mine are NOT gone. I will say though that they have faded a bit since I started the serum, but my skin has also plumped up and has a smoother texture. Fear not! There are ways to get around fading your freckles while still taking care of your skin.

So when looking for a good vitamin c serum, I chose to purchase the Eminence Organics Citrus + Kale Potent Vitamin C+E Serum** which thus far has been a really cool experience (by experience I mean using such a high end product because normally this would be out of my price range but thanks to a little birthday fairy - hi dad! -  it was not).

So you want to know more about Vitamin C and this particular serum?

Generally vitamin c helps to fade spots of hyper pigmentation and discoloration, decrease inflammation and irritation, improve the skins natural healing process, increase the effectiveness of sunscreen, and create firmer skin. Now that’s a lot for one ingredient.. don’t you think? I definitely do.. but it’s all true folks and that’s the best part! So in a way vitamin c could potentially be for just about anyone because it does cover such a wide range of concerns. 

After 3 solid weeks of using this serum morning and night, it’s safe to say my skin has never felt better in terms of its texture. I've always had several issues with redness that I have yet to find the root of, so that hasn’t gone away but my pores have decreased in size, and my skin has gotten softer. I’ve also had to say goodbye to some of my freckles (which is okay because honestly they were getting a little muddy) and that is such a weird feeling for me. My skin has been a certain way for as long as I can remember, and now it’s changing into something else.  But I guess entering a skincare journey will do that and that’s the point!


So what are my thoughts on it? Well, this serum is a bluish-green color and unscented which I love! It’s the same consistency as water so it’s very easy to pat into your skin, but a little harder to make sure you get everywhere. I use 5 drops at night and 3 in the morning because I am a firm believer that you need antioxidant protection around the clock. Skin does all of it’s reparative work at night which is why I prefer using a bit more product before bed. The only thing worse than not seeing results from an expensive product is not seeing results because you’re using it incorrectly (i.e. wrong time of day, too little product, etc). 

If you look at Eminence Organics Citrus + Kale Potent C + E Serum there are 2 types of vitamin c in it. The first is standard L-Ascorbic Acid which helps with redness and inflammation, and the second is Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is Vitamin C Salt aka vitamin c that is a salt until it penetrates the skin. Think about the serums that have small bulbs floating in them, typically once you rub the serum in the bulbs burst and penetrate the skin, keeping the ingredients it at their purest form until you use it. The Vitamin C Salt is the same way without the bulbs. 

Vitamin E is good for healing in different ways. It’s an antioxidant, and helps to replenish skin, bringing it back to a healthy state. 

Ferulic Acid goes hand in hand with vitamins c and e because while it’s an antioxidant, it also keeps both vitamins from oxidizing which gives the product a longer shelf life. Once those vitamins oxidize the serum turns a brownish yellow color and the l-ascorbic acid is reduced, rendering the serum basically useless. 

This serum also contains a form of hyaluronic acid to help with moisture and plumping the skin.


So would I repurchase this serum again? YES! I absolutely would! I think based off the results I’ve seen in just 3 weeks this serum has a lot of science behind it and in the end will really help my skin. Of course there are probably 9 different vitamin c serums I would love to try out, and hopefully I will be able to do a comparison article someday. For now though, I am happy to stick with this serum!



**If you're in Southeastern Connecticut I highly suggest going to Becca Rose in Olde Mystic Village to purchase. They're so wonderful and friendly and the girls really know a lot of info! If you're more comfortable purchasing from the comfort of your own home the link I provided to Dermstore will work just as well (: