My Ride or Die: Elizabeth Arden Pro Triple Protection Factor


Elizabeth Arden Pro has some truly amazing products, the Triple Protection Factor being one of them. The title of this article says it all folks, it's a ride or die. So let me break it down for you. Everybody knows that SPF is super important and without it we would all be a wrinkly sun dried mess, but UVA/UVB rays are not the only thing that prematurely ages us. Free radicals, which are in basically everything good and lovable, go in an attack our healthy cells by taking electrons for themselves. By taking the electron they're causing damage to cells, proteins, and DNA. This means premature signs of aging like wrinkles and loss of elasticity. No thank you!

And of course the third factor we grow up fighting is genetics, our DNA. Everybody is different and we all grow and age differently. Some develop wrinkles more quickly, some are just more prone to sun damage (hello! That would be me!). It's just in our DNA!

So how does all of this tie into the TPF? Well, Triple Protection Factor, it's in the name. This product protects against all three. It has SPF 50 hallelujah, protein protection antioxidants, and a DNA enzyme complex.

So what does this all mean? Well it basically means you're no longer protecting your skin with fishnet stockings, and that's pretty damn important.

Now full disclosure, I worked for Red Door Spa for a year. But I have been out of there now of about a year and let me tell you I'm still there every every time I run out of this. 

The TPF product is pretty thin. I use it as a daytime moisturizer and find myself reaching for something on the heavier side at night. It has a universal tint which really to me just means that you don't see much of anything on the skin once it's applied. 

When I first started using this product I was putting a heavier moisturizer underneath it and then realized I shouldn't do that because I didn't want anything blocking the product from getting as deep as it needs to be, so I would not suggest that as an alternative. But if you try this and find it's too light, try a night cream that has some weight to it!

Overall, I would reccommend this to just about anyone. 


*I have found this product on a few different website, but none I would recommend buying from. If you live near a Red Door Spa you can get it there. If you don't, call a close one and see if you can have it shipped. It's annoying, and I am not sure why this product isn't available online yet, but it's worth the hussle to get it.