ballantyne beauty

If you stumble across the site, you might be wondering who is this girl? Well, I am Hali Ballantyne, a long time beauty enthusiast who always dreamed of being the girl who turned heads when she walked into the room. 

My hair has always been a topic of conversation. My sex was a surprise to my parents, and when I was born the doctor said "Oh my gosh, she's a red head!" to which my mother replied "It's a girl!" and from that day forward people were always (and still are) approaching me to talk about my red locks. So it's no surprise that from a very young age I was enamored with beauty. 


My first job was a sales associate at a hair salon that did a lot of retail. All of a sudden I was in charge of not only selling beauty products, but selling the right ones. After about a year at that job I realized I wasn't just selling beauty products but I was helping people to feel better about themselves and their biggest first impression - their appearance. Once college rolled around I took a break from the beauty industry but let me tell you I missed it. Once again, I was spending my nights and weekends watching tutorials and studying other peoples' hair and makeup so when I moved to a new city I knew I had to find a job in the field again. I spent 4 years working to learn and educate at my new job while I finished school. It was a break and it was a really amazing hobby that I loved, so when it came time to leave I was devastated (lucky for me there was a gigantic snow storm that hit on my last day so I never really had to say "goodbye"). The first job offer I received after moving was at a spa as a front desk associate and shortly after I was promoted to Beauty Advisor / Makeup Artist. This is where I was so incredibly challenged. For years I had worked selling beauty products, but never in front of senior hair stylists, and as for skin care? I had never even approached it, but I pushed and I flourished. My sales climbed (and sometimes fell..) and I learned so much with the best team at my fingertips. 

After switching careers, I realized I was meant for the beauty industry. Everything made sense there, and it felt like home. So here I am today, writing to anyone who wants to hear about everything I know about skin care. 

I am not licensed or certified, just passionate about beauty and everything it has to offer. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through my blog, I hope you learn something too!